Kosmic Outcast

The Kosmic Outcast is a 1940 Ford Truck Show Rod with parts from 22 different cars and powered by a 371 Olds Rocket stroked engine with a TKO600 transmission mounted in a Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle (HRCC) custom frame, with a 9-inch rear end, and a 4-link with a wishbone. The front suspension is a 4-inch dropped axle with hairpins.

Body modifications to the pickup include a 5-inch chop, 6-inch section,’34 Chevy truck cowl, ’57 Chevy hood skin, ’34 Ford Tudor rear window, ’57 Olds dash, ’60 Pontiac quarters, ’60 Plymouth Valiant tailgate and ’53 Ford truck grille rear valance, along with the custom bullet grille and several custom panels. The wheels are Radir Bullet Spokes with 10-by-15-inch Radir Slicks and 5.60-by-15-inch Firestone (Coker) Tires. The interior is “space age” inspired.