Trusted Vendors

Miller Welders

We have used Miller Products since day one. There is no other brand that comes close. Go Blue.

Optima Batteries

Optima makes the best batteries on the planet.

Baileigh Industrial

We love our Baileigh industrial equipment. Especially the power hammer.


One of our Legacy Partners, every car rolling out the door comes equipped with Aeromotive Fuel Systems Products.


Our number one choice for keeping your car cool in traffic. If they don’t stock it for your car, then we will work with them to make a custom product for you.

Painless Wiring

Another Legacy Partner that we use in every vehicle, since day one.


Another Legacy Partner that we use in every vehicle and local to us as well.

Stewart Warner

Another Legacy Partner for us, and who was there when hot rodding began. The only true gauges for your traditional hot rod.

Tremec Transmissions

Real Hot Rods have 3 pedals and that means Tremec.

Holley Performance

Holley is one of those brands that is a staple of the hot rodding industry and they continue to grow their amazing line of products.

Hilborn Fuel Injection

Now owned by Holley, we have been friends with the Hilborn Family for years and have been ardent supporters of their products.

Steele Rubber

A family owned business, if they don’t make it for your project, they will work hard to make sure that they can add it to their line.

Viking Shocks

Another family owned business, their products are top notch with a wide range of applications.

Advanced Plating

Another Legacy Partner, there is no better chrome plating company around and they have the awards to prove it.

Coker Tire

Another Legacy Partner that Corky Coker made into an industry standard. They continue to make quality products and you can’t build a traditional hot rod without Coker.


Todays fuels wreck havoc on rubber lines. TechAFX has solved that issue with hoses and fittings that perform and last.

Moser Engineering

Moser Engineering has been our source for solid axle parts and housings since day one.